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SPORK - 2010 release. Keyboard virtuoso Adam Holzman & Brave New World are back with a phenomenal new release reminiscent of the classic 1970’s progressive/fusion sound. Includes 7 Holzman originals and a cover of Joe Zawinul’s “Orange Lady”. Musicians: Adam Holzman, keyboards; Aaron Heick, sax; Freddy Cash Jr., bass; Mitch Stein, guitar & Abe Fogle, drums. Highly Recommended !! - Review of "Jazz Rocket Science"
by Isaiah Stewart

This is the best album released this year. Period! When I first put on this CD, I played the INCREDIBLE opening track "Superhero" 10 times in a row. It was so deep, funky and nasty. I was worried to play the rest of the CD because I thought, "Nothing can possibly top this."

Well, I was wrong. Every single one of the 11 cuts on Jazz Rocket Science kicks butt!

Adam Holzman is the most innovative musician and composer on the scene today, and his brand new album Jazz Rocket Science is his best release to date (which is saying a lot). Hardly surprising, given the fact that Holzman was personally mentored by the world-famous jazz legend Miles Davis for more than 10 years.

As you may recall, jazz became modern, hard-hitting, funky and electric with Miles back in the late `60's. With "jazz fusion," the music began an evolutionary journey that fused rock, R&B and jazz into one powerful experience where anything could happen.

Then smooth jazz came along and contemporary jazz got watered down into sweet-as-a-toothache music for people in a dentist's office. BUT THIS CD HAS CHANGED THAT.

On Jazz Rocket Science, Holzman pays honor to Davis, his personal mentor. The music is bold and powerful. It delivers full-throttle funk, soulful melodies, gorgeous chords and brilliant improvisation. This is contemporary jazz the way it was meant to be: fresh, bold, exciting, aggressive, experimental and brilliant!

Jazz Rocket Science isn't just jazz. It's a creative and fresh take on countless music styles. It combines urban, funk, rock, hip-hop and jazz with cool lush keyboard riffs, deep throbbing basses, funky guitars, thumping drums and cool melodies. If your mouth isn't watering yet, it will be when you take a listen to the seriously hip tunes on this album!

You will not find any bland tracks on this CD. Every song is first rate. If Jazz Rocket Science doesn't wake you up, and make you a believer that there STILL IS GOOD MUSIC OUT THERE, then you may as well check yourself into the local retirement home right now.


Adam's Moog Interview

Keyboard player Adam Holzman is one of the most exciting, innovative players on the music scene today. A member of the Miles Davis Band from 1985 to 1989, he performed with the trumpet legend in more than 200 concerts worldwide and can be heard on the albums "Tutu” and "Live Around the World” (Warner Bros.) In 1988 he became Miles's musical director.

MOOG INTERVIEW: Adam has also played with saxophone great Grover Washington, Jr., renowned French pianist, Michel Petrucciani, Chaka Khan, saxophone legend Wayne Shorter, trumpet star Wallace Roney and many others.

Adam's first album, "In a Loud Way" (Bluenote/Manhattan), was a very strong debut featuring Miles comrades Kenny Garrett, Darryl Jones and Mino Cinelu, as well as powerhouse drummer Dennis Chambers.

In 1994 Adam released his second album, "Overdrive” (Lipstick) a high-energy cyber-fusion album that won critical acclaim in Jazziz, Keyboard magazine and was also another poll winner in Tower Pulse! magazine.

Adam also has a great band, Adam Holzman & Brave New World, and has toured extensively in Europe and the U.S. With this band Adam has recorded his best material so far.

For the past 10 years Adam has taught the Electric Miles jazz ensemble at The New School University in New York City, and has also taught at the Outreach Music workshop in Schwaz, Austria since 2001.

In 2005 Adam was honored to perform at Moogfest with Brave New World, in addition to some European dates with the band. In 2006 Adam joined the Mahavishnu Project led by Gregg Bendian.

Adam is excited about the release of the newest Brave New World album, "Jazz Rocket Science," which just came out on Nagel Heyer Records

JAZZ Journal International - by Mark Gilbert


Holzman's generally hard-hitting, metallic, harmonically rich and thematically ingenious brand of fusion is well-known from his previous dates as leader, including Overdrive and Manifesto, and from his tenure as MD of the Miles Davis band, 1985-89, into which he brought a particular and distinctive texture and voicing.

To date his writing has been characterised by a smooth integration of go-go beats, rap and so on into a credible jazz context, where improvisation and interaction are not compromised.

Here he makes something of a departure, adopting a somewhat cooler, less dense and marginally more abstract approach. However, still at the heart of his style is imaginative and precise orchestration of an array of electric instruments and saxophone over rock-solid back beats. Soloists may generally get only a small look-in, through the windows for improvisation which are part of the overall structure, but that is the way the music is designed to be, and on that basis it is consistently successful.

This is grown-up fusion, with the freneticism of its 1970s pre-cursors cooled off and a more sophisticated vocabulary brought to bear. Those for whom the jazz solo is supreme might try The Hot Zone, where Holzman and Heick burn at length like Hancock and Shorter. - by David Dorkin


Keyboardist Adam Holzman's group, Brave New World, is a powerful downtown , fusion band. Mitch Stein on guitar (of the Hermanators), Freddy Cash Jr. on bass, Juju House on drums and Aaron Heick on sax. The band comes out funky and heavy on the opener "Iron Curtain" and follow it up with the soulful "Mad Cow Disease." The introspective "Second World", is an example of some of the band's quieter moments followed by more fusion-funk. The overall mix is of excellent quality as expected from Holzrnan and all of the members groove hard and solo with passion (Holzman and Stein in particular).

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