Step right up, folks, and let Adam add some magic to your tracks! Everything from funky keyboard parts and trippy soundscapes to blazing Minimoog solos and fancy piano and Rhodes solos. Also, logo and sound design projects are welcome!

Adam can craft custom sounds and add the Sonic Aura of vintage keys and synths to your song! Adam has a wide variety of vintage and modern gear that can be used creatively for your recording: Wurlitzer electric piano, Fender Rhodes, PPG Wave 2.2, vintage Minimoog Model D and current Minimoog Voyager, vintage Oberheim Xpander, Hammond XM-2, Access Virus, Korg Karma and more, plus an upright piano and super-high quality digital piano, and some very cool processing gear. A lot of this stuff is not available anymore, and is not practical to move around, so this is an opportunity to add something unique to your music production.

We are willing to work within your budget, so please email Adam with details and then he will follow up (via phone or email) and will work something out! Paypal is the preferred form of payment (payment must be received before work can begin). We guarantee our work and will go out of our way to make sure you are thrilled with the tracks.

Here's how it works: email Adam an mp3 mix of your work in progress, along with a general idea of what you want for the keyboard parts. Adam will then add the keyboard tracks and send you a rough mix for approval. When you are happy (a reasonable amount of back and forth is fine), we will send you the keyboard parts as individual .wav files, which can be dropped into any project in ProTools or Logic (or any DAW program). Each file will have a marker so you can line it up easily.

Take advantage of Adam's
*years of experience
*playing expertise
*sound programming skills
*and arsenal of awesome keyboards and synths!!



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